BRC Air Shuttle
Frequently Asked Questions

What are the baggage allowances and weight restrictions?

Baggage is limited to the weight and size restrictions of the aircraft as well as FAA regulations.


Baggage can not exceed the size of a commercial airline carry-on with the maximum dimensions of 24 inches x 14 inches x 9 inches, and should not weigh more than 25 pounds. Soft sided and/or duffel bags are strongly recommended.

Each passenger is allowed his/her own weight + one piece of baggage not to exceed 25 pounds.

Additional bags and/or weight may be accommodated at extra charge, subject to aircraft weight and balance limitations. ANY BAGS IN EXCESS OF 25 POUNDS MUST BE ARRANGED IN ADVANCE OR YOUR BAG COULD BE DELAYED OR NOT ALLLOWED TO FLY. These are small aircraft, not jetliners. If the combined weight of all passengers and their baggage exceeds the aircraft weight limit we cannot fly.

Passengers weighing greater than 250 pounds may be accommodated pursuant to weight and balance restrictions--we'll do our best to safely accommodate. Extra charges apply.

It is the responsibility of each individual passenger to abide by the combined weight and baggage limits or make other arrangements with us prior to traveling.

Passengers and their baggage will be weighed prior to any flight. Advantage Flight reserves the right, without refund, to remove a passenger or their baggage from flight due to non-compliance with the weight guidelines. Subject to availability, additional weight may be shipped as cargo at extra cost. Unlike what you may have heard about the playa, we have to operate “safety first.”

Will I be charged an oversize baggage fee if my baggage is too large?

No, but it may not fly to Black Rock City! Unlike commercial airliners, we cannot accommodate oversize baggage except by special advance arrangement. If your baggage is too large to fit in the plane you will not be allowed to bring it with you.

How much time should I allow between an airline flight and flights to/from Black Rock City?

We cannot and do not guarantee connections with the airlines.

From the airlines in Reno to the playa, we recommend AT LEAST 90-minute connections to get your bags, take a taxi across the airport to the charter terminal, and check in. If your airline flight is delayed and you're headed for the playa, you may not make it to the playa by air that day. We'll do our best to accommodate you as a priority stand-by on the next available flight. The latest we can depart from Reno is around 4:30pm, as new Burning Man policies require aircraft carrying new arrivals to the Burn to be on the ground no later than 5:30pm. (We used to have until 7:30pm, and as event participants, we sincerely apologize to our European passengers who can no longer make same-day flight connections.)

From the playa to the airlines, we recommend AT LEAST THREE HOURS between your arrival back at Reno and your airline departure time. If there are any weather, amber alerts, or operational delays on the playa, you may be delayed arriving back in Reno. Advantage Flight Solutions LLC maintains no responsibility nor liability for missed flights.

How much time should I allow to check in for my flight to/from Black Rock City?

Please allow at least 30 minutes for check-in at all times, and 60 minutes for flights departing Black Rock City on the last Sunday and Monday of the event. You and your luggage will be weighed, and after all passengers are present, manifests and weight/balance sheets will be prepared in accordance with FAA and BLM and now new Burning Man regulations. If you are not checked in 30 minutes before your scheduled departure, you may not be accommodated on the flight.

What documentation am I required to present on check-in?

All passengers are required to present valid, legal, unexpired, government-issued photo identification. For US citizens, that usually means either a passport or a drivers license. For non-US citizens, that usually means a passport.

Passengers traveling TO Burning Man need to produce a valid Burning Man ticket or a receipt for a will-call ticket.

Passengers traveling TO Burning Man BEFORE the official event opening need to produce a valid bar-coded Early Arrival pass.

If Burning Man Gate staff determine that you do not have a valid ticket, Burning Man REQUIRES THAT AIR CARRIERS TRANSPORT YOU BACK TO RENO OR YOUR POINT OF ORIGIN.

When is my flight considered booked?

Flights will be considered confirmed and booked once payment is received and has cleared.

Can I change my flight once has been booked?

Yes. Flights may be changed after booking. Prior to August 1, there is a $100 fee per change once the flight has been paid for. After August 1, the change fee increases to $200. Changes are subject to flight availability.

What are the Black Rock City Airport passenger use fees this year?

All passengers arriving at Black Rock Airport are subject to an airport use fee payable in cash to Burning Man staff on arrival. This fee goes to the Burning Man general fund. The 2015 fee was $40 per person; the 2016 fees have not yet been announced.

How do I get from the Black Rock Airport into the City/my camp and back?

It's anywhere from 1/2 mile to almost two miles from BRC Airport to where people camp. Mutant vehicles visit Airport many times during the daylight hours. They don't operate on a set schedule, so your best bet is to have your camp mates arrange for a mutant vehicle to come get you and your baggage. (You'd be surprised how far a can or two of PBR goes.) You can always walk, but... that's a long ways, particularly if you have baggage. Coming back from your camp to the Airport- make sure you have arranged a reliable way to get back, particularly for early morning flights. (Mutant vehicles are much more scarce around dawn.) Someday BRC Airport may have its own Airport Taxi -- stay tuned.

What are event and use fees?

Event and use fees are assessed by various corporate and government entities for the privilege of flying aircraft and passengers into the private Burning Man Airport and the Black Rock Desert. These fees continue to increase each year.

Do cellphones work at Burning Man?

Not usually. Don't count on them to work during the event. If you really have to be in touch with the outside world by phone while you are at the event, rent or borrow a satellite phone. There are no phones at the Black Rock Airport.

How do I contact Advantage Flight during the event?

Please stop by Atlantic Aviation in Reno or our check-in facility at Black Rock City Airport, where all Advantage Flight staff are working during scheduled hours of operation. Alternatively, email and phone messages are checked periodically for callers unable to get through due to high call volume. Advantage maintains a representative at BRC Airport around all flight arrivals and departures.

What happens if I'm late for my flight or miss it altogether?

We do not hold flights for late passengers. Will do our best to accommodate you on a stand-by basis on the next available flight. Please check in person with the Advantage Flight representative at your originating airport or Black Rock City. Note to passengers departing from Reno in the late afternoon or from Black Rock City on Sunday and Monday: we may not be able to accommodate you even on a stand-by basis on your original day of travel. There are no refunds if you miss your flight.

Can I bring an ice chest with me on the flight?

If it's the size of a carry-on that can fit under the seat of an airliner--maximum dimensions of 24 inches x 14 inches x 9 inches, and weighing not weigh more than 25 pounds--and it's your only piece of baggage, yes. If not, most likely not, depending on the aircraft capacity and other passenger baggage. We cannot accommodate large ice chests. (Remember, you can always buy ice at Burning Man.)

Will we be flying a scenic tour over BRC as part of the flight?

Probably not. Due to recent restrictions with flight patterns around BRC, we cannot guarantee that you will have a flight path around the City. However, assuming time and traffic allow, our pilots have been known to provide additional BRC photo opportunities. The entire flight from Reno to BRC has great views of Northern Nevada as well as Black Rock City on every approach, not to mention the vast lines of cars waiting to get into or out of the event.

Where do I check in for my BRC flight departing from Black Rock City Airport?

Please check in at the Charter Counter with the Advantage Flight staff. You and your luggage will be weighed, and you'll be checked in for your flight. Please note that the many very helpful Black Rock City Airport volunteers do not work for Advantage Flight.

Where do I check in for my BRC flight departing from Reno?

Advantage Flight operates out of Atlantic Aviation on the East side of Reno/Tahoe International Airport. Please check in with the Advantage Flight staff. They will weigh you and your luggage, arrange for transport of any additional or overweight bags if possible, check you in, dutifully record your information on the Burning Man web pages, and escort you to your flight.

Note: Atlantic Aviation is not part of the airline terminal; all charter aviation is located on the opposite side of the airport. We recommend using a taxi service to travel from the airport terminal to Atlantic Aviation.

Note: Atlantic Aviation no longer allows Burning Man passengers in its facility, in part due to the dust tracked in over the years. SO, all Burning Man flights will arrive and depart from our large tent located adjacent and immediately to the North of their building.

Where do I check in for my BRC flight departing from San Francisco/San Carlos Airport?

In the San Francisco Bay Area, BRC Air Shuttle flights operate from San Carlos Airport General Aviation Building, 620 Airport Drive, San Carlos, CA 94070. This congestion-free airport is ten minutes South of San Francisco International Airport (SFO). Your departure will be called by arriving flight crew, who will weigh you and your baggage, check you in, verify that you have Burning Man tickets or will-call confirmation numbers, dutifully record your information on the Burning Man web pages, and escort you to your flight.

Where do I check in for my BRC flight departing from Burbank Airport?

In Southern California, BRC Air Shuttle flights operate from Burbank Airport at the Atlantic Aviation Charter Terminal located at 10750 Sherman Way, Burbank, CA 91505. Your departure will be called by the flight crew, who will weigh you and your baggage, check you in, verify that you have Burning Man tickets or will-call confirmation numbers, dutifully record your information on the Burning Man web pages, and escort you to your flight.

What happens if circumstances arise beyond the control of Advantage Flight?

Dust storms, extreme weather, Presidential visits to Reno, lost child alerts, and mechanical issues have all been known to close airports and airspace and/or delay aircraft during the time of the event. While these events don't happen very often, they do happen. We will do our best to accommodate you in these events, but we cannot make any guarantees for circumstances beyond our control.