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Welcome to Advantage Flight Solutions, LLC.

Advantage Flight offers regional air charter service, Tahoe/Sierra flightseeing, and event air charter management services. Whether you are looking for a sunset flight over Lake Tahoe for two in a small aircraft or an entire transportation package for 4,000+ passengers, we can offer you a complete solution. We can offer aircraft in sizes ranging from six-place single-engine to 29-seat regional airliners. In addition to flight operations, we can provide air carrier management and coordination services, staffing, and information technology solutions to support your event.

Why Choose Advantage Flight?

  • Private: Charter service allows you choose who you travel with, from a large group of friends or colleagues, to an entire plane to yourself and your flight crew.
  • Flexible: We fly when you say. No more waiting at the terminal or worrying about missing your flight, the aircraft will be ready when you are.
  • Convenient: Charter services offer access to 5000 airports versus 500 available to commercial airlines.
  • Efficient: Your time is valuable. Don't waste it in long security lines, endless corridors, or waiting to board.
  • Comfortable: Fly in the lap of luxury. Our interiors are designed for maximum comfort, not maximum capacity.
  • Productive: Your entire business team can travel together on your schedule, without the distractions that accompany commercial airline travel.
  • Business Promotion: Make a great impression on customers and prospects. Take your business to the sky and impress any client.
  • Safe Luggage: No more lost or damaged luggage or equipment. You will always know your gear will arrive with you.
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